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EDM 510- Creating a Learning Theory Matrix

I anticipate that I will use learning theories frequently in my professional life. Although I am not a teacher and will not be teaching in the classroom, I will be giving presentations in which I will need to use strategies to keep the audiences attention, keep them engaged and hopefully, they will learn something from me. To create my matrix, I used excel. I put the required information in the tops of the columns and then put the theories in the rows. I color coded the theories to make them easier to read. The most challenging part of completing this assignment was figuring out how to create the blog itself and uploading the matrix into the body of the blog.

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5 thoughts on “EDM 510- Creating a Learning Theory Matrix

  1. Karin, I love the look of your blog! I also like the addition of the colors on your matrix to make it easier to follow. I now wish I had done that. I also struggled with setting up the blog, but enjoyed it once I figured out what I was doing.


  2. I like your blog. It’s cute, simple, and to the point. I understand your struggles with getting everything set up. That’s one reason why I went with wix instead. Colors definitely make the matrix more appealing to visual learners. Your resources are great and I plan to keep a running list to revert back to over time. Thanks so much for sharing your blog. I look forward to seeing much more from you.


  3. Karen, I like your blog. Setting up the blog was the hardest part for me, too. Once I set up the blog, I couldn’t figure out how to post to it. But it looks like we both were able to figure it out. You did a nice job with your blog. Love the colors you added to your matrix, makes it so nice. I enjoyed learning about the different learning theories and will probably mostly use them in my role as an administrator.


  4. Karen, I love the picture you posted with your blog! It took me a while to set up my blog and that was one of the more difficult parts for me as well. I love the setup and organization of your learning matrix by colors. That makes it easier to read and categorize! Excel was a great choice to use when creating your matrix. I did not think about using that program! I also hope I can use the information to actively engage my students and for me to learn something as well.


  5. Hi Karin!
    I have come to learn I am not very good with blogging. Your learning matrix was so organized and i LOVE the color coding of the layout. I love excel and want to get better at creating spreadsheets on it and learning all of the ins and outs of the program so I can really utilize the program. I enjoyed your blog!


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