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The Evolution of the Web- creating a Canva presentation

For this week’s module, I was tasked to create a presentation about the evolution of the world wide web. Whew, was that educational. I learned a lot about the web and had no idea Mark Twain was in the mix! Anyways, I created my presentation in Canva and found it to be very user friendly. I loved being able to change colors and use already published templates. It made the process very easy and I discovered that I need to tone down my preference for bright colors and animations, that could really distract my audience. I think Canva is a great tool I will use a lot in the future.

Check it my presentation here:


4 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Web- creating a Canva presentation

  1. Karin,
    I really found Canva to be user friendly as well. Your presentation was well put together and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I also used Canva to make my presentation. I use Canva quite often, but had not ever used it to make a presentation. It was so easy! I enjoyed your presentation. It was simple and easy to read and folIow. I just can’t believe how much the internet has changed and how quickly it continues to change. There is no telling what the internet will look like in just ten more years.


  3. Hi Karin, your presentation was nice. I also enjoy, like Canva very much. It is something that I am sure that I will utilize both in my professional and personal life. It looks like a great site to use for church and family events as well as in the classroom for my future students, parents, and colleagues. I loved the image that you used for the differences slide. It really shows a snapshot of how quickly our world is becoming more technologically advanced and portable.


  4. Hello Karin, Before this year, I would have never used Canva due to never having a personal use. After using it for the first-week assignment, I realize that I have seen my collaborating teaching use Canva to do the students’ bellringers. With how easy it was to use, I’ll definitely use Canva in the future.


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