Adventures in Edpuzzle

For my instructional tool for EDM 510 this week, I chose Edpuzzle. I chose this tool because it was free and seemed to be very user friendly which was a huge plus for me. I really think Edpuzzle would be a great tool for me because I can use videos in my presentations and make notes to keep myself on track. There is also a place to put short quizzes and questions to keep students engaged. I get off track sometimes so my realization is that I need something like this to keep me organized.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Edpuzzle

  1. Karin,

    I really enjoyed exploring your Edpuzzle. I recall learning about Edpuzzle in the past, but I honestly forgot all about it until seeing your Instructional Product. I love to embed questions into videos for my students to check for student-engagement while also simply making videos more entertaining. When students feel involved, they are more likely to participate and complete their work. I love using videos to share content in my classroom and then simply discuss the video with my students. Embedding questions into videos provides for better grounds upon which we may discuss a video’s content. We may use the questions to discuss content and possible responses to certain questions. Edpuzzle makes embedding questions quick, easy, and effortless. Great blog post and instructional product! I will definitely be using Edpuzzle in the future.

    -Hunter Appling


  2. Karin, this was very cool! I was drawn in immediately, and loved how you highlighted the tips. It would also be very useful to have a presentation like this that includes questions, like you did. It will help ensure the viewer is paying attention. Well done!


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