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Assessment experiment

To be 100% honest, I had to ask another education friend of mine, “What is an assessment?” As a higher education professional, I do not teach and hats off to all of those who do! I do make presentations every so often so I can see adding quizzes or short games into my closings.

For my first assessment, I chose Wordwall. It was pretty user friendly and free, which obviously appealed to me. As someone who is not tech savy, I found this website easy to use and they gave you a lot of game and quiz options to choose from.

Here is my Quiz on Digital citizenship:

For my second assessment, I used Socrative. This online platform was a bit more tricky and I had to watch a few tutorials to figure out how to start a new quiz. Once I got started, it was fairly easy to use. The icons were not as easy to see or find.

Social media quiz:


One thought on “Assessment experiment

  1. Hi Karin! I appreciate your honesty in your blog. For you to not know much about assessment, these two that you made are great! I have used both Wordwall and Socrative in the classroom as a student. I enjoy these types of engaging assessments that doesn’t even feel like you’re being quizzed. These can be so helpful for a teacher to use to see where the students are and if they need further instruction or not.


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