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This is the end

For my last blog post, I was asked to talk about my takeaways from EDM 510, Microcomputing Systems in Education. Well, as a higher education administration graduate student, I can see how this class benefits me for presentations, lectures and also presentation materials. But I really feel that the course is geared towards educators, whichContinue reading “This is the end”


Assessment experiment

To be 100% honest, I had to ask another education friend of mine, “What is an assessment?” As a higher education professional, I do not teach and hats off to all of those who do! I do make presentations every so often so I can see adding quizzes or short games into my closings. ForContinue reading “Assessment experiment”

WLS Storytime

This week, I was tasked to do a digital story time. I chose to do a podcast on my decision to have weight loss surgery. I know that seems to be a common theme with me this semester but as you can imagine, having to weigh, log and calculate all of your meals really getsContinue reading “WLS Storytime”

My Video Snippet

This post was very hard. And it’s late. I was originally supposed to do this video creation blog post 2 weeks ago,but my grandmother died and I honestly couldn’t get through it without crying. My video is a short, less than one minute snippet featuring some photos of before and after my gastric bypass. It’sContinue reading “My Video Snippet”

About me

Hello everyone! I’m Karin! I am in my last semester of the University of South Alabama’s Higher Education Administration program and so here I am, in EDM 510. This course will teach me how to use different technology when working in education. Technology and I do not have the best track record so bear withContinue reading “About me”

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